How to Choose Your First Gun

Buying a gun for the first time is exciting and scary as you lack the same experience as more seasoned buyers. It is ideal to take a fellow gun enthusiast with you to the gun shop for guidance and support during the purchase, but it is even more important that you are knowledgeable of the guns available and the right style for your shooting needs.

Step 1: Understand Your Needs

What is the reason for purchasing a gun? Do you want a weapon for protection? Are you a hunter ready to go shoot your game? There are a variety of reasons why people choose to buy a gun. The reason that you carry influences the type of weapon you will carry. All guns are designed to complement a specific purpose. Learn why you want a gun and the best styles for that need.

Step 2: Brand:

Some gun brands are more well-known and popular than others because the weapons they produce are powerful forces to reckon with. The smith & wesson brand for example, is one of the most popularly sold gun brands of all times. They carry a large selection of weapons for all shooting needs.

Step 3: Revolver or Semi-Auto?

Semi-automatic and revolver guns are both available. Which option is best suited for your needs?  Semi-automatic guns are used more commonly than the revolver, but there are many people who still like the alternate weapon. This weapon has a larger cartridge capacity, among other benefits, but can be trickier to use than a revolver. Beginners should take a gun class to learn how to shoot this weapon.

Step 4: Caliber

smith & wesson

Caliber capacity is also very important to consider when buying a gun because it affects the way the weapon shoots and many other aspects of owning a gun. The caliber level determines the recoil level and the effectiveness of the weapon. The gun size will also impact the gun’s caliber. For example, the 9mm handgun isn’t as powerful as the .40 caliber gun.